Our Philosophy 

The design of Powerhouse Dance Center is to encourage all students to discover their inner powerhouse. We believe that through passion, dedication and appreciation of dance and the performing arts, students  can reach their fullest potential both inside and outside the studio. We aim to provide a safe and encouraging environment and opportunities for dancers to craft their artistic technique and ideas. Our core values serve as guiding principles that define our organization.


a person of great energy, strength or power

How We Got Here

Marissa Johnson (owner) was born and raised in small town Chatham, Illinois where dance was her life beginning at age 3. 

She trained at the nationally ranked Ann Lacy School of American Dance & Entertainment at Oklahoma City University. Following graduation, Marissa combined her two loves of children and performing through her casting with Disney Cruise Line. 


In 2024, Marissa was crowned Miss Missouri where she not only honed in on her singing, dancing and choreographic skills but also her public service and speaking skills. She also earned a generous amount of scholarship money to dedicate to her future students.

Marissa’s Broadway credits include “Legally Blonde” and the U.S. Tour of “Hairspray”. Marissa was thankful for her full career, but knew her true calling was to teach. Powerhouse Dance Center was founded to fulfill her goal of training the next generation of dancers and preparing young hearts and minds for the stages that waited for them.

Marissa was often called a powerhouse growing up  by her teachers, classmates, competition judges and even a former Miss America. But the day that OCU’s dance chair Jo Rowan called her a powerhouse will remain with her forever. Therefore, Marissa wants to encourage her students to be powerhouses as well. There is great beauty in softness, but there is also great beauty in strength.

Our Core Values


Whether it’s a step that we just can’t get right or a disappointing competition 

score, the comeback is always greater than the setback. We believe in courage 

in the face of adversity, remaining optimistic and maintaining a strong work ethic to push our boundaries.


PDC believes that giving respect and credit where it is due will help you earn it 

in the long run. Acknowledging the experience and wisdom of others is the 

best way to become a performer that people want to work with and a person that people want to be around.   


Dance is a gift, and it is necessary to have a genuine appreciation not only for the benefits it provides but also the ability to perform and study it. We encourage our faculty, students and their loved ones to express that appreciation to each other.   


Our students are well-rounded individuals whose ability to improve make them competitive in this world. We expect healthy and continuous growth from our dancers over time as they gain knowledge through experience. We also encourage personal growth outside of the studio to develop their mind and character.    


Everyone who walks through our doors in treated with compassion and dignity. We are a community of loving individuals who treat each other the way they would have themselves be treated. We refuse to create artificial divisions and are committed to a safe, inclusive environment in which everyone is valued.